How was the Period of the Great Depression

How was the Period of the Great Depression

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The great depression was a time that tried toughest of men and women. It was a long and dark period lasting over a decade where the world economy saw its lowest point. The worldwide GDP fell by 15%, unemployment was rampant and it spared neither the rich nor the poor. The beginning of the depression was marked by the crash of stock market in October 1929 that cost the fortunes of millions and then everything came crashing down like a house of cards. If you thought the great Recession of 2008 was bad, imagine something similar but much much worse. The depression had impacts far and wide; it led to breakdown of global trade, worsening of living conditions, suffering on every level of the society. The feeling of desperation at that period was almost palpable and gave rise to many conflicts.

great depression in america

Certainly the thirties were the most desperate time where the issues like war and peace, poverty and plenty, ignorance and education, life and death were very challenging which led to conflicts between black and white, labour and management, fascism and freedom and also Capitalism and Communism. The society was getting divided and things were falling apart.

Arts at that time changed as well, and the social justice was its main concern. Dictators, war, housing problems, labour problems all started to appear on the paper and canvas.  Particularly in printmakers a new sense of socialism started to develop.  Although the printmakers already had made transformation in the early twentieth century but World War I had given air to the fire.   

Louis Lozowick; a Renowned Name in that Era

Louis Lozowick was a Ukrainian-American lithograph artist; he was born in Russia in 1892.  Although at the start of his career he was a painter but he is popularly known for his lithographs on machinery, construction, and skyscraper. He was born in Russia and later at the age of 14 he shifted to America and then joined National Academy of Design (1912-1915) where he was with Carlson, Leon Kroll and others.  He got married in 1931 and in 1943 he moved to New Jersey and remained there for the rest of his life. Louis died in New Jersey in 1973.

great depression in america Louis Lozowick

Louis Lozowick was awarded several times in his career. During the Great Depression, his works were appreciated a lot and he created a mural for the New York City General Post Office in 1936 and also created murals and prints for WPA. Mostly throughout his life he was intrigued by skyscrapers, buildings, railway tracks, etc but in his later life nature appeared very frequently in his works.

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  1. Yeah, really hard times were back then.
    But it seems to me that the government at that time took a number of measures that led to the big problems of the economy.

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