Who is Louis Lozowick’s?

Who is Louis Lozowick’s?

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Louis Lozowick was born in 1892 and died in 1973. He was a painter and printmaker. He was Russian but moved to America when he was 14 years old. He is famously known for being an Art Deco artist and also a Precisionist. His works spanned over 50 years majorly inspired by monochromatic lithographs.

Lozowick went to Kiev a school of Art right before he moved to the US. He did continue learning in the US as well. during his 20s, he spent most of the time traveling especially in Europe. The time he travelled he exposed himself to the different art styles and it was at that time he made his first lithograph.

Louis Lozowick

Introduction to Communism

When he was around 34 years he had joined the left wing journal New Masses. By that time, he was well travelled and was well versed in the artistic revolution and development in Europe. The most popular at that time include de Stijl and Constructivism. the style involves linear styles, hard edged which is seen in the Brooklyn Bridge lithograph. It was once the cover of New Masses but the magazine was never published.

Art that Set him Apart

His works were in black and white as they gave him a strong color contrast. He didn’t care much about prevalent styles or the market. He loved doing abstract and realist works. He also strived to keep in touch with both nature and reality.  He was a bridge between America and Russian artists as well as a founder of New Masses. He gave lectures on Russian art and also co-wrote Voice of October.

Louis Lozowick

Lozowick was in the Societe Anonyme’s in 1924. The lecture he gave on Suprematism for the society and an article he wrote in 1923 about Russian art in Broom are the one that formed the basis of Modern Russian Art. In his lectures in 1924, he talked about Modern Art, Braque, Picasso etc. at the educational Alliance Art School. Aside from that he had exhibitions over the next few years.

Lozowick did not see himself as a modernist. In fact, he criticized modernists and viewed them as not having contact with the working class and only appealing to a small group of rich collectors. Some of his works depict ‘machine aesthetics’ which did not match his revolutionary views in his writings.

Role in Revolution of Art

Lozowick was an important part of the artist revolution back when he was a member of the editorial of New Masses. He was the one who designed the original cover proposal of New Masses. The magazine played a huge part in the history of art as the artists became more and more engaged in protests against causes. The magazine was in circulation and had a large number of audience. Despite having official political views it was a game changer.

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